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What is coaching?

Coaching allows you to move from where you are to where you want to be, through a process of exploration and action. Working out where you are, where you want to go and the hurdles in the way to create a clear plan for a way forward. You can expect sessions filled with listening, focused questioning, objective feedback, and other powerful techniques.

Is coaching for me? 

There is no doubt coaching can help almost everyone. If you are feeling stuck and want to move forward, then coaching would definitely help you. Stuck setting up your own business. Stuck in your career. Stuck in a relationship. Or simply stuck in life, feeling you've lost a bit of you. If you want to move forward positively in life, coaching is definitely for you. 

That said, you may benefit from other support alongside coaching. It's worth noting that coaching isn't therapy (person centred counselling, CBT, psychology etc). It isn't about delving deeply into your past experiences, or dealing with disorders. It's forward looking. So it's about taking a problem and finding a solution. It may well touch on the past, but the focus is very much about moving forward. Coaching is also not mentoring, it's not about your coach giving you answers. It's about giving you the tools, environment and support to allow you to flourish and find your own way forward. It's about giving you a place to be listened to, to let you explore ways forward.  

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