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I started off my career in marketing and communications, falling into a job after graduating. There I worked with numerous well-known global companies learning so much from brilliant people. Setting up my own business allowed me to follow my passion - helping small businesses become more successful. I've have had the pleasure of helping to launch new businesses, and supporting established businesses as they thrive. 


What I realised was it was the helping element that really drove me. So, in 2022 I took the leap and began a diploma in transformational coaching with Animas. The International Coaching Federation-accredited qualification gave me the additional knowledge to drive forward my both my coaching and business consulting practice. 


Personally, I went from years of worrying about the detail, to focusing on the big picture and searching for the positives in everything I do. I shifted from a person who would sweat the small stuff, to someone who became grateful for the small things. I've also recently moved to Japan from Scotland, so have first hand experience in making changes! 

So now, I'm using my 20+ years of business experience, combined with my coaching experience to work with both businesses and individuals. This might be entrepreneurs feeling alone and needing some support to drive them forward, someone who will listen, and in some instances providing direction if required. To people looking for a way forward, whether a new job is on the horizon or perhaps struggling with a big change in life. Or for those individuals wanting the courage to follow a dream or simply wanting to find more happiness in their lives. I have also worked with sports people to help them develop a winning mindset. 

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And a bit about me...

Happy place: on a paddle board with my pooch

Book club: Atomic Habits & Art of Making Memories

Podcasts: Dr Chatterjee & MTGM

Mantra: When life gives you lemons, make a G & T 

My inspiration: My mum, a positivity pioneer

Way to my heart: a large mug of Earl Grey tea. 

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