Emma has been coaching me in relation to getting my new career off the ground.  She has allowed me to get clarity and focus on what I was trying to achieve. She has helped me understand what was holding me back and as a result, to overcome those obstacles. The boost in clarity and confidence that I have gained has got me to a place where I am now feeling that it is "all starting to happen". Emma is a kind, compassionate coach with a real insight for asking the right questions to help me move forward."

Elizabeth, Scotland



Who Am I?

I am Emma, I have worked in wellbeing and development for over twenty years, latterly as a specialist in Public Health. I have a Masters Degree in Social Development and have always been fascinated by the interplay between individuals and the world around us.  A huge part of my work has been facilitating change in people and communities and enabling others to live to their true potential. I am passionate about empowering individuals to move forward in a way that they choose. 

I now work alongside people who want to create change for themselves or others and are open to do the idea of self development. I am honoured to work with amazing humans including creatives, writers, leaders, speakers and coaches, and people who sense they could be doing more with this one life. 

I work with one to one clients via Skype or in person and also offer workplace coaching programmes that enhance leadership and team performance, alongside life.

I work part time as a trainer at the brilliant Animas Centre for Coaching (www.animascoaching.com) and deliver on three core coaching modules. 

I am a qualified Transformational Life Coach and I am accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Lastly and possibly most importantly, I am a down to earth, straight talking kind of coach. I work in a collaborative and relaxed way but I'll ask you questions that can be both direct and challenging. Sessions are open and honest to allow for growth, they are not always easy but growth will happen, sometimes in just a few sessions.  

Coaching is a truly great thing and my track record is excellent. For a better idea of who I am, have a read of what my clients are saying, or please get in touch on hello@forthcoaching.com to discuss how we can work together. 

I love this stuff, it works and it's brilliant, give it a go!