Work with me…

I don’t take on clients without a conversation first. Coaching is such a great thing and it’s really important that you find the right coach for you in order to get the best from it. And it’s important for me to know that I can help you and that we will work well together.

If you are truly interested, committed to the idea of change, ready to invest energy, time and finance to the process, then please have a look at my packages and book an intro call (no cost) so we can explore. An intro call is just that, it doesn’t mean you have to sign up to anything.

I would love to hear from you.



Are you thinking that there is something you would like to get clear on, you need help to think about it, move forward with more certainty but don’t necessarily need a block of coaching sessions.

A 90-minute clarity call on Zoom will help you get that focus and get a clearer way forward. It’s an objective and honest space where I will help you figure stuff out and challenge your assumptions. We’ll have a chat before our call to make sure we both know what you want and I will send you a questionnaire so we can dive straight in when we meet via Zoom.

In the 90-minutes, I will help you unpick the tangle and you will feel less overwhelmed, clearer and with some defined actions or intentions.

Going Forth Clarity Calls have helped people get clear on relationship issues, career decisions, relocation choices, business ideas and more.

Investment: £210



This one to one coaching programme offers you the opportunity to get clear on who you are, on what you want and how to create change in a way that aligns with those things.

The programme starts with unpicking who you are, who you really are and how you show up in the world. We will explore and discuss this together and I will help you learn things about yourself and what is possible.

As a coach I always say that everything starts with clarity so this is a great place to begin.

Is there something holding you back from where you want to be? A feeling that something is off kilter or you could be doing more with this one life or creating change somehow?

This process will help you get clear, feel more powerful and you will find a way to move forward that suits you.


  • 6 x 60 minute Zoom coaching calls over 12 weeks

  • Access to me via Voxer app, a way to text and message between sessions.

  • Written exercises for between our calls to help with the exploration and change.

You will feel empowered by the process and more in charge of your life.


£1097 Pay In Full
3 x monthly instalments of £378



This programme is for you if you already have a sense of what you want to do and you would benefit from me helping you get there.

The Going Forth programme suits those who are ready to create change in their lives or business and are ready to commit to the process.

Change can be unfamiliar and although we think we want it, our minds can make us avoid it to keep us safe. As your thinking partner, we will unpick this, uncover your assumptions and your limiting beliefs and make sure that they don’t hold you back.

We’ll get clearer on what it is you want, think about your strategy and what you need to do to get there. I will have your back and keep you accountable along the way.


  • 6 x 60 minute Zoom coaching calls over 12 weeks

  • Access to me via Voxer app, a way to text and message between sessions.

  • A clear plan for the duration of the programme and for 3 months following.

You will feel clearer in the way forward, clearer on what you need to do to create change in your life and more confident about doing so.

You’ve got this, allow yourself to know that.


£1097 Pay In Full
3 x monthly instalments of £378


Business Booster Programme

Are you a coach starting out but wanting to get clear on your business to move forward and make it a success?

This business booster programme is for you.

Over three months, we will work together to boost your business so it’s no longer a hobby or a pipe dream but a very real and income-generating reality. We will look at getting the basics sorted, what is your vision, what is your message, who are your ideal clients and where you can find them. You need clarity on these to move forward.

We will think about the income you want to achieve and the impact you want to make, part of this will be working on your money mindset and how you value yourself going forward.

We will start off getting clear on your goal and how to get there. We will work on you, are you ready to play bigger, put yourself out there more and smash some of those limiting beliefs that are holding you back? I will help you do all of those things so that you can start a thriving business.

This programme is a mix of coaching and mentoring where I will share strategies of what has helped me build a successful business that aligns with my values. I will do this while helping you uncover what you need to have a great business that suits your lifestyle and then working with you to get you there. You will also have access to my “From Newbie to Nailing it” online course to help with all of the above.


  • Initial 90-minute Zoom call looking at goal setting and mindset challenges

  • 5 x 60-minute Zoom coaching calls over 12 weeks

  • Access to me via Voxer app, a way to text and message between sessions, keeping you accountable and on the right track

  • Access to my “From Newbie to Nailing it” online course, including module workbooks and recorded tutorials.

  • You will leave with a three-month action plan to continue the momentum that we will have created

You will feel more confident as both a Coach and a Business person and be ready to enter the next phase!


£1480 Pay In Full


3 x monthly instalments of £493