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Types of coaching

There are various types of coaching. All have the same objective - to move you forward be it in life, your career, your business or your relationships. 

Life coaching

People often turn to life coaching when they are feeling stuck. It may be an event that has led them to seek out advice, or just a feeling. A feeling of wanting to get more out of life. You may not know what is holding you back. Coaching can help provide clarity and allow you to embark on a new way forward. 

Career coaching 

Career coaching is for those who are perhaps feeling in a rut. During sessions we will discuss issues, options and barriers, allowing you the platform in which to establish a plan to move forward positively, which could be in your existing role, or it could be the start of something new. 

Business & executive coaching

Running a business can be a lonely place. Utilising over 20 years experience working with business owners, CEOs and MDs, I can work with you to find a clear direction for your business. This might be looking at reviewing internal structures, external support, opportunities for growth, or in some cases making the decision to pivot the business in some way. 

Coaching for performance 

High performance sport has very unique pressures. Performance and selection impacted by issues such as self-limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, self-doubt and working with difficult personalities. Having professional experience of high performance and professional sport, I have seen those issues first hand and can help you overcome what may be holding you back.

Relationship coaching

Relationships are hard. They require work and often key events make them even more difficult to navigate. Being so invested in relationships can make it hard to have an objective view and move forward in a healthy way. Coaching can help you achieve a clear path. 

Organisational coaching

Have your staff lost some spark or experienced major internal changes at work? By investing in coaching for your staff, you should find it helps the team members thrive. This can be offered in various ways - please get in touch for further details. 

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